Being a member of the MADRID CAPITAL FINTECH (MAD FinTech) cluster will allow you to be informed and connected to one of the largest Financial and FinTech Ecosystems in the world.

If you want to take advantage of the fact that things that happen can be within the reach of your organization, you need to be a member of MADRID CAPITAL FINTECH (MAD FinTech).

But, if you also want to be a leading player in the things that we are going to facilitate to happen, then you need to be a partner and be part of some of the containers that we facilitate so that things happen:

COMMISSIONS to REINVENT THE FINANCIAL SERVICES of this decade: Mobile Banking, Insurance, Investment, Individual Credit, Consumer Credit, Business Credit, Business Financial Services, LegalTech, PropTech, Financial Services Marketplace, Silver Economy, etc.

WORKING GROUPS to be and influence the things that happen: Sandbox, Brexit, Blockchain, etc.

COMMITTEES to ensure the proper functioning of the cluster: Ethics Committee, Administration Committee, etc.

ADVISORY BOARD to mentor the Financial Ecosystem through the MAD FinTech cluster.

INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL to be part of the European, Latam or Global Network of FinTech Clusters that will be the engine of change.

Our work will be based on two points:

KNOWLEDGE: mapping of the actors and connection with corporate intelligence tools

CO-CREATION in Open Innovation and Challenges to assume in a collaborative way.

There are no limits to COLLABORATION. It is the time of DISRUPTION and to dust ideas from the drawer.

We will wait for you.

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